…”Ohh, ohh it’s twitchin’ again”…

It’s a laid back kinda day & I’m down on the pier. Temps are in the low 70’s, beautiful skies, light breeze, & one hook in the water with couple of Red Worms Wigglin’ around. I’ve put a couple of “Small Squealers” in the bucket. Leanin’ back just gazin’ @ the rod tip, on & off, in anticipation of some action. Lotta Bass Boats scurryin’ up & down the river for a Sunday afternoon. Maybe a tournament or two or maybe practicin’ for one. Times like this just let’s your mind wander. With every move of my head, or eyes, creates a {{{{{ Flash Back }}}}} to somewhere, anywhere. Ya just can’t buy pleasure & (mental) relaxation like this. Ohh, ohh..it’s twitchin’..naw, just a false alarm. I know, there’s a lot of tragedy goin’ on in the World, but right chere, right now life is wonderful where I am. My Bride came down & we shared some time in the Pier Swing together. Then she headed back up to the house to make us some lunch, a Grilled Cheese Samiches & some Natcho Chips!. After eatin’ I headed back down to my little spot for the afternoon. Got some Pontoon Cruisers in stirin’ up the calm. They could be lookin’ to buy or just  lookin’ & dreamin’. Either way it’s a nice day for it. I like my spot for the day. Ohh, ohh it’s twitchin’ again, Hookset!, Got’em…”HOLD’EM HOOK”! Had some fun fightin’ & gettin’ this one in. Called my Bride down to show her & to get a picture taken. It was a nice “Ole Flat Head” Cat Fish, some folks call’em “Yellow Cats”. I unhooked’im & released’im to fight another day…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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