…”I’ll catch up with her soon enough”…


09-10-2016-watchin-bama-footballThis has been a wonderful day. A good workout to stat my day. Followed up by some early mornin’ errands, & a trip to the Grocery Store. I decided to have some lunch, early, then take the “Ole H-D” out for a ride. Together, we logged in near 80 miles just easy riddin’ time. The temperature was in the Low 70’s & the traffic level was very low. The most excitin’ thing I saw today was a nice size {{{{{ Rattle }}}}} Snake crossin’ the two lane road I was cruisin’ down. That thing was longer than more than half the width of one lane. MY LANE!. I chose to ease off of the throttle & slide in behind him & just avoid any type of contact. He picked up his pace & entered the wooded area along the side of the road & I picked up mine & got on down the road.I must admit though, he had a nice of {{{{{ RATTLES }}}}} on’em. A short time later I decided to stop in to visit an Ole Friend (now a Retired Judge) but he wasn’t in, the Ole Family Store, today. He was a Lift Truck Salesman, as I was when I ended my career. He was one of the GOOD ones! Durin’ his time I was drivin’ a Tractor Trailer (Lowboy) Rig for the company, I retired from, deliverin’ & demonstratin’ Lift Trucks.I got back home after my Bride did. We enjoyed most of the late afternoon on The Deck visitin’ & enjoyin’ the weather, sights, & sounds. She has now finally called it a day & retired between the sheets for the evenin’. I’ll catch up with her soon enough…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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