Today I was lookin’ @ a Local Face Book page. There is a “For Sale or Trade” Section on it. I, from time to time, look @ it to see if there might be somethin’ there I might want to purchase like guns, tools, or odd items. There are ALL kinds of items on there. It seems as though there are folks in about a 50 mile radius listin’ their wares on there. And as luck would have it 90% of them are priced damn near like New items. For some reason there are always listin’s for Womens Underwear. Both Bras & Panties. New & Used (yuck!). Granny Panties to the Dental Floss types. There are all sizes, shapes, forms, styles, brand names (from High price to Low price brands), & all colors. My point (pun intended) is if there’s THAT many items for Sale then there has to be a LOT of women runnin’ around without any of the a fore mentioned items on! You’re either lookin’ to buy some cause you’re tired of runnin’ around COMMANDO & need some or you’re tired of wearin’em & WANT to go COMMANDO! Either way I’m sure there are SIGHTS TO BE SEEN! Oh and, “Save The TATAS! And trust me I’m lookin’…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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