…”Y’all made my day”…

There I was, of all places, sittin’ at a table in “The Cracker Barrel”, in Yazoo City Mississippi! The Home Town of  World Famous Jerry Clower! One of my favorite Comedians! My Bride & I had ordered our meals so my Bride went off to browse the Store Items in the front of the store. I was just sittin’ there reminiscin’ & visualizin’ all the stories, passin thru my mind, I had heard from Jerry Clower, thru the years, about family/friends/Coon Dogs/life ‘s experiences. I was laughin’ to myself just enjoyin’ all the thoughts as they went thru my mind in just “Flashes” in time. Durin’ a lull of  those Flashes I caught myself lookin’ around where I was. Bein’ the “People Watcher” I am I caught myself noticin’ all the unusual type of Restaurant Goers enjoyin’ their meals & conversations. Then I happen to notice, off to my right & few tables down, a gatherin’ of Older Ladies, 9 of them to be exact! You know the type; Grandmothers, Grannys, Maw Maws, Big Mamas, you get the picture! All seemed to be enjoyin’ themselves & the Sisterhood gatherin’. Then I heard one of say “The Baptist Church”. So I assume this must be the monthly gatherin’ of “The Senior Ladies of The 1st Baptist Church of Yazoo City, MS”. All so “Angelic” lookin’. Then my, radar type, Big ears start to tune in on some of the comments bein’ made by one of the proper lookin’ ladies; “then SHE tells me SHE cain’t live like this NO MORE as SHE headed out the Front Door”! An “Amen”, then another, comes from others gathered around the table. “Praise The Lord” another chimed in. “Then she said HE (Billy Joe I’ll call him) comes stompin’ through the Livin’ Room sayin” I can’t live without’er, I love’er” he said! “Lawd have mercy!” one of the ladies shouted. I told him again, “Billy Joe, let her go! She ain’t your Wife! She ain’t even a Godly Woman! Let her GO”!  I said. Again a few “Amen’s & Praise Jesus’s” were thrown in from the ladies around the table. Billy Joe turned to me sayin’ “But Mama I Love Her!” as he goes through the screen door. “STOP, STOP Baby!” Ole Billy Joe was callin’ out to her as she wasa  high-steppin’ down the, as I envisioned to be a dirt, road. “I Love you Honey! ” he hollered as he trailed be hind her, like a love struck puppy. I was sayin’ “Let’er go Billy Joe, just be done wiff’er, she ain’t yo wife, let her go she ain’t no Godly Woman!” but he wasn’t listenin’ to me at all. Again & again the Amens were bein’ whispered  & aloud from the other ladies, now with hands justa wavin’ in the air. Bout this time I caught myself laughin’ out loud, tryin’ to make it look like I was laughin’ at somethin’ on my cell phone in front of me. The waiter then delivered our meals, looked at me as I was laughin’ & I could tell he was puzzled. I just said “Thank You” & he turned & just walked away. Then I caught sight of my Bride headed my way & I knew I had to straighten up. As we begain’ to enjoy our meal I began to tell her what had been takin’ place, between laughin’ spells. Folks, it just don’t get any better than that. So, the “The Senior Ladies of The 1st Baptist Church (I guess) of Yazoo City, MS – Y’all made my day…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

Just Chillin'


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