…”Ain’t life grand”…

As I sit here, on this Sunday afternoon at home, payin’ attention to the TV on The Discovery Channel & checkin’ things out on Net, I hear sounds comin’ from all areas of the house. I tilt my head in one direction & I hear the easy breathin’ of my Bride nappin’ on the one end of the Sectional Sofa. Then another angle reveals my daughter doin’ the same on the opposite end of it.Then I angle these large ears in another direction & there are the occasional thumps my grandson makes where he too is nappin’ & sounds as though he is wrestlin’ with all the bad guys in the world as he kicks & bangs up against his bed. Then finally, in yet another angle, there are the two granddaughters in yet another direction, in my bedroom. One, the 7 yr old, watchin’ a video & doin’ Ballet & Yoga movements. The other, the 5 1/2 yr old, pitchin’ a fit because she can’t get her hair fixed in just the right “Pony Tail” hair do. I’m very blessed to have the time & opportunity to enjoy such sounds of relaxation & frustrations at the same time. Ain’t life grand…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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