…”Respect for The Flag”…


Recently I was reading a Post on an “Open Home Town FB Site” where someone stated their opinion about the lack of “Respect for The Flag”. And I was shocked at all of the people who responded with such Anger to his opinion. The Poster expressed “their opinion” about how so many people no longer show “Respect for The Flag” during the playing of The National Anthem at the local High School Football Game. The Poster refereed to the numbers of people, adults & children, & how they acted. Such as not standing for the playing of the National Anthem as The Flag was being raised. People failing to remove their hats (unless they were in some sort of official Uniform as is acceptable), putting their hands over their hearts, pausing (their oh so important) conversations with the person next to them for just a few moments. Parents letting their children “run wild” down near the fences or near the End Zone areas (sometimes RIGHT NEXT to where The Flag was being raised), & other types of on going activities. I personally remember, when I was young, even the Concession Stands refused to serve those waiting in line for their goodies while The Anthem played & The Flag was being raised. What has happened to teaching & showing RESPECT in our society? Parents don’t seem to be doing a very good job of it at home and the Schools, by LAW & DECREE of the Federal Government, can’t do it! I know I’m showing my age here (I’m almost 65 yrs old) but in B’ham, AL (where I was raised) at High School Football Games there was a pause at the End of the Third Quarter. There was a Band Member, a Trumpet player, would come out on the field & play TAPS. At the same time there was either a Color Guard group, or if the Home Team School had an ROTC Program, or maybe even a local Boy Scout Troupe, would perform the LOWERING of The Flag duty! At that time, again they, the Crowd would rise, face the direction of The Flag & stand reverently until The Flag/Colors were properly down. Again showing RESPECT for The Flag. I notice that for some reason that too, as other forms of showing RESPECT, no longer takes place. I truly wonder about our society & where it is headed (probably “To Hell in a Hand Basket”). I noticed as a young man while I was in the Military, The USAF, that where ever you were, you ALWAYS knew where (the direction of) the Base Flag Pole was. Every afternoon at 5:00 p.m. The Flag was lowered. Life seemed to STOP! Everyone, Military members, civilians (adult or child) of ALL ages STOPPED right where they were. Faced the direction where they best thought The Flag Pole was & Stood Tall while TAPS was played over a  Base Intercom System. It always gave me chills to see that. Many years after my Military days my family & I were living in Anniston, AL. My son played Soccer in the City Youth League there, which just happened to be Played & Practiced on the Parade Grounds Field of Ft McClellan (a US Army Base) there. The first time I happened to be there, for a practice of my sons team, 5:00 p.m. rolled around. My ears caught the sound of something I hadn’t heard in several years, I caught myself “Snapping To ATTENTION” & spinning to face The Flag Pole! At the same time (as if in Slow Motion) my eyes caught EVERYONE in sight doing the same thing. Even my son @ age 8, who had NO military training, did it! All Traffic STOPPED! If a Man or Woman was in Military Uniform they put their vehicle in park, exited the vehicle, & stood at Attention & Saluted! Again I had chills & was so proud at the same time. Yeah, OK, that was on a Military Base! But it too was “Respect for The Flag”. This Country of ours, “The United States Of America”, has but One Flag, “Old Glory”, The Stars & Stripes! And this past week & weekend, the activities with players in the NFL and other sports just proves my point. The lack of “Respect for The Flag”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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