…”like a good tease!”…

Today has been one of those laid back days. Yes, it is 9/11 & I’ll NEVER FORGET IT, now 15 years later. I spent a good amount of my day/afternoon just wanderin’ around the back yard. Lookin’ up at the trees, gazin’ across the water in the slough, listenin’ to the wild life around the slough as well, enjoyin’ the mild temperatures, & even got in a little Hammock Time down on the pier. There’s just somethin’ about layin’ there, gently swayin’ with the light breeze, lettin’ the sounds of the water take me away, watchin’ those large white fluffy clouds just drift by over head, listen to the passin’ of an occasional Pontoon Boat out on the river that will just relax the ole “Deplorable” soul in me, which accordin’ to Hillary Clinton I am. It’s good to know my place in this ole world & I’m comfortable with that. This day reminds me of just another instance of not bein’ able to Unsee an even in my life. Such as that catastrophic event of those two planes flyin’ into the sides of the Twin Towers. But then I reminisced about some of those things in life I have seen & know I’ll NEVER unsee them as well. I’m sure you too have experienced some of those. They’re etched in the darkest recessed corners of our minds & only come out from time to time just to entertain & toy with us. Kinda like a good tease! You enjoy that flash in time then it’s restored for another time. On that thought I’ll slide on out of here to enjoy the rest of my evenin’, & go get that bowl of Ice Cream that’s just callin’ my name…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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