…”Cowardly Political Leaders”…

Just Chillin'
Tomorrow I will sadly be remembering the events of September 11, 2001 refereed to as “9/11″….
The soft reflections of the Blue TWIN LIGHTS shinning up into the night sky’s over New York City will not replace the “Twin Towers” that once stood there. Nor does it help me to forget those who died as ISLAMIC TERRORIST flew TWO Hijacked Aircraft into them causing them to both collapse.  No! HELL NO!!! Those lights don’t take away the pain & suffering of those who lost family & loved ones that were on the planes, in the Towers, on the ground or in surrounding building, or the First Responders who headed into those buildings trying to save lives. Nor will I forget The Pentagon being struck or Flight 93, “Let’s Roll”, that crashed into the ground in Pennsylvania. No it doesn’t remove the anger over MY/OUR Country openly being attacked by ISLAMIC TERRORIST! NO! I WILL NEVER FORGET IT. And now our Cowardly Political Leaders allow these same People/ISLAMIC TERRORIST to enter our country unvetted, mostly by dark of night, to unannounced locations, & then to sign them up for GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE programs! Beware America! Beware! The Enemy is/ISLAMIC TERRORIST are now living among us. Remember 9/11!!!…God Bless America…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

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