…”Labor Day Weekend”…

LABOR DAY WEEKEND is over! My Bride is exhausted & asleep in the Love Seat, my daughter also exhausted, as well, & asleep on the Sofa. She will be heading back to Memphis tomorrow. All of our other Family & Guests left earlier this evenin’. Got to go fishin’ with my “Lil Buddy” & his Daddy Saturday mornin’. Many memories were made that day. My Grands were all cryin’ as they didn’t want to leave Papa & Gigi’s house this evenin’. But two had school tomorrow, My son has to work tomorrow, and others will be travelin’ their own directions. We have had them all since Friday evenin’ & it was ALL GREAT! My “Tide Rolled High” & Others, here, War Eagles Crashed & burned. It’s College Football Season & I look forward to the next 16 weeks. Hope you all had as wonderful of a Labor Day Weekend as I did…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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