…”Pack Your Trash”…

It seems like everyday I see another post on FB (& we all know if it’s on FB it’s TRUE!) about some Hollywood Freaks/Actors & Comedians (the Rich & Poor ones) who are goin’ to “Leave The Country, {{{{{ USA! USA! USA! }}}}}, if Donald Trump were to WIN the Presidential Election”. They say they are goin’ to move to Canada! I wonder how the Canadians feel about these Hollywood Freaks/Actors & Comedians invadin’ them! Hell, some of’em are just returnin’ Home! I wonder why they left there, in the first place, to come here! That’s a subject for another day. If these “Spoiled Kings & Queens” are so Pissed Off about their sorry ass life here WHY WAIT? Hell, LEAVE NOW! Don’t threaten us with what you MIGHT do! You cowards, DO IT! – THEN TALK ABOUT IT! Do you REALLY think that YOUR threat to leave is goin’ to change the way ANYBODY VOTES! You’re all out of your minds! And probably Smokin’ too much wild weed, poopin’ too many pills, drinkin’ too damn much, or like my school tests always offered as an answer – “All Of The Above”! You think way too much of yourselves. What You do isn’t goin’ to affect any NORMAL, let me repeat that, NORMAL persons life. Pack Your Trash & Leave TODAY! Why Wait!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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