…”Grilled Greek Yard Bird”…

As I walked through the basement garage this mornin’, there by the Bass Boat, sat the “Ole H-D”. How nasty that thing looked! So I gathered up my car washin’ bucket, brushes, sponges, soft cloths, & hose. Rolled that rascal out on the driveway & commenced to bathin’ it. After all was washed & hand dried it looked like a “New Penny”. All that Blue/Metallic Paint & all the Chrome sure was pretty & shinny out in that bright sun light! So I thought that since it was already outside I’d take it for a Ride. I put on some jeans, my boots, grabbed my Leather Vest, kissed the Bride bye, strapped on the Head Gear, & off I rode. What a beautiful day for a ride. Headed south to Childersburg. Came up on a road I had never been down so I headed east toward Talladega. Such a beautiful ride thru the hills. South of Talladega headed toward Mt. Cheaha State Park. Folks we have some beautiful country in our part of the state. It was time to head back toward the house so I headed west to “The Big Pell”. Hope y’all enjoyed your day as much as I have mine. We’ve got us some Grilled Greek “Yard Bird” (Chicken) with some Greek Roasted Potatoes left over from last night that I cooked. So, we know what supper’s gonna be. Guess I need to be gettin’ at it. Those bones ain’t gonna get cleaned on their own…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>Goin' for a ride #2   7-12-14 - Copy


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