…”if your not willin’ to participate”…


Just Chillin'LADIES it’s that time of year again. FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! Sunday, August 28th 2016, is “National Go Topless Day” for women in support of gender equality. There was an unsuccessful movement in the the 1960’s, but the “Burnin’ of Bras” at that time merely FLOPPED. But it seems there are many new POINTS that should be presented, studied, & APPRECIATED. It’s the best way to get action taken on them. There will be celebrations across the Cities (yes I said CITIES!), Counties, & States. Yes, the entire Nation, heck, why not the Globe, for that POINT! So check your listin’s. There will be Marches, Parades, Talent Contests, & Community Park Exhibits for all to SEE! Don’t be bashful. Be PROUD! Stand Tall! POINT out YOUR frustrations for the rest of us to see. Believe ME there are many of us out there/here very interested in this cause. So participate where possible. Share Your POINTS with the rest of us. Do all you can to leave an impression upon us who have never SEEN YOUR POINTS before. Put on your finest Skirts, Shorts & Shoes, to match of course. Purses are optional, but across the Chest Straps might cause chaffin’ so plan ahead, pad where needed. It is anticipated that on THIS day the Cyber World will be flooded with SELFIES! SEND’EM ON! The Anticipation is uncontrollable! Folks of ALL walks of life want to SEE YOUR POINTS & appreciate the sensitivity that only YOU can bring to the cause. I’m sure, for those interested, there will plenty of HANDS ON discussions if  YOU so FEEL the need. SO SHARE! I do hope to SEE your best pixs. Show off those Tan Lines you’ve been workin’ on all summer. Of course it isn’t mandatory participation. But if your not willin’ to participate then what’s the POINT!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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