…”what am I goin’ to do for the rest of my day”…

Today’s “That Day” that NO Man looks forward to!, for me. Nothin’ is as humblin’ to a Man as the words “Now, drop your pants & lean over that table”! Always followed by the loudest {{{{{ SNAP ! }}}}} you’ve ever heard! Next you hear that {{{ Squisssssh }}} sound of “Lube For The Tube”! There’s then a slight pause, as fear & anticipation start to build, & all of your muscles start to lock-up! All of a sudden you start sweatin’ bullets, then suddenly, a Cold Hand lands on your shoulder, as a calm voice behind you says “Nooow Reeelax”! {{{{{ Oohhh HELL YEAH ! }}}}}…as you think you feel a tinglin’ sensation, all the way up, in the back of your throat! Ya feel the need to spit! Then you hear, that same calm voice, from behind you say “Now, was that sooo bad”?, & you’re not really sure how to answer that question. Ya feel a nasty drippin’ sensation, you hear that same calm voice again from behind you say, as your handed a hand full of material, here you can “Wipe Off With This, I’m Thru”! Ya feel like your about to collapse but you know you need to wipe off as FAST as you can! You hear that voice, again from behind you say, “You can get dressed now”!, as you have your pants halfway up already. You turn to face the Dr. & he says “Everything Felt Fine”! You’re not quite sure just how to respond to THAT! Then you say, for lack of anything else, “Thank you”! How damn stupid is that? The Dr. says “you can go now & I’ll call you soon”!, you immediately start to wonder WHY?, & he continues “with your Test Results”! Oohh, OK! He turns & leaves the room, a Nurse steps in (smilin’), & says you’re free to go now! You waddle out of the office to your vehicle, your feelin’ used & nasty, to head home to get a HOT SHOWER as fast as you can. Now, what am I goin’ to do for the rest of my day!…”Hold.em Hook”!…..BG> 


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