…”Guess I’ll just sit here”…

The Pier is ready 05-13-16

Damn the yard look good even if I do say so myself. The grass is freshly cut, trimmed, & all blown free of debris. I even got all of those Hicker Nut & Pine Cone remains the Squirrels dropped on the driveway down to the water. But they’ll be back to morrow startin’ yet another mess.I think I’ll go polish me up a fresh batch Of BB’s in anticipation. The Bride is shoppin’ with a friend today. Don’t know when she’ll be home. An it doesn’t matter. She’s enjoyin’ herself. That’s all that matters! There’s thunder rollin’ in the distance north of here. The skies have changed from Blue & White Fluffy Clouds to Gray Clouds rollin’ in as the Thunder rolls nearer. I’ve cleaned me up as well, got my dirty cloths washed & now dryin’. I’m now just relaxin’ on the Deck takin’ all of this in. Got my “Oldies” playin’ the way I like’em.The trees are all just as calm as can be. Almost in anticipation of a comin’ Summer Rain Storm. The Slough is free of any traffic as is the Main Channel for the time bein’. I’ve got “New Neighbors” movin’ in next door. That now makes three (3) New Families that have joined us in our small piece of Heaven right here in “The Big Pell”. The dark clouds continue to get closer, a light breeze is now bringin’ in somewhat cooler air.  Be it just a couple of degrees it is enough to tell the difference & make it nicer to be out here on The Deck. The/My Flag is startin’ to wave in the breeze kickin’ up.  What a Beautiful Sight to this Ole Vet! This is where the Ole Sayin’ that “If You’re Lucky Enough To Live On The Lake You’re Lucky Enough” comes into being. Yeah, I am! Guess I’ll just sit here for a while longer & enjoy this nice afternoon. Hope y’all do the same…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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