…”I wonder what Monday will bring”…

It was hard this mornin’ to make myself head to the Gym. I really do try go to 3 times a week, Mon – Wed – & Fri’s, for One (1) hour each mornin’. I say Mornin’ because if I try to go later in the day I’ll come up with too many reasons/excuses to put it off. But, speakin’ of Butts, it was so entertainin’, again, this mornin’. I’m the type of person that gets a lot of entertainment out of just watchin’ & observin’ others. Yes I’m a People Watcher where ever I go. Well this mornin’ was a Gold Mine for me! Went I got there, to the gym, this mornin’ there were 4 others there, One (1) Lady & three (3) Men, in my age group of 60yrs (+/-) of age, doin’ what we all need to do to keep us goin’ for what ever reasons. Slowly the Gym starts to get a little more crowded & active. Now the age group is changin’. Meanin’ there are more of the “Seniors Group” group slowly makin’ it in but, yeah BUTT, now the 25 to 40 (ish) yr old group starts invadin’ the place. And yes MOST of them ARE FEMALE! All shapes & sizes. Ooh! And the outfits!!! Well lets just say they’re bright, colorful, loose, short, & TIGHT! I Love SPANDEX! Many are wearin’ make up & sweatin’ it all off. One Young Ladies face resembled that of a Zebra! Others not wearin’ any @ all. Many with there ear phones on, blockin’ the world out & rockin’ to their tunes. Others chattin’ about children, spouses, & shoppin’ sales! Their styles are comical. Let’s take the Tread Mills. Short strides, long strides, up right & erect, slumped over & strugglin, some huffin’ & some puffin’. Some waddlin’, some jigglin’, some about to “Fall Out” & some about to pass out. This all bein’ said makes me sound like a sexist I know. But, BUTT, It waswhat it was. Many of the “Seniors” were just a gawkin’. The Senior Ladies looked upset @ the SHOW on goin’ & got to mumblin’ under their breaths to one another. The Senior Men, yeah me included, were in awe! One guy was actually droolin’ uncontrollably & kept wiping his mouth or had just left his dentists office & had NO control. Some, I know, were thinkin’ of days gone buy. Others were standin’ more erect (No not that!) than they were earlier. For me the best part of it all was The Mirrors! I was on a stationary bike doin’ my 15 normal minutes in JUST the right place to watch all of this on all of the mirrored walls. To see soo many, all ages & sexes {{{ SNEAKIN’ PEAKS }}} every chance they got. Yeah I even took a few myself! But, BUTT, the looks on their faces that they were hopin’ NO ONE SAW were priceless. At one point there was a Lady, my age, next to me whispered in my direction “just shameless” as she got off of her bike & walked away. At that point I was pumpin’ hard at it & just broke out laughin’. I just couldn’t hold it or hide it any longer. I quickly gained control though & re-focused on my surroundin’ mirrors & continued to watch all that was happenin’ around me. Yeah, my day was made! I must say I’m glad I made myself  go this mornin’. Hum-m-m-m, I wonder what Monday will bring. I hope your view, on your day, is as good as mine has been so far…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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