Andi & I on the deck 5-26-16

When my daughter was just a little thing,  we lived in Clay, AL. At that point we didn’t have Garbage Pick-Up. So every Saturday mornin’ I had to go to “The Dump” (the Land Fill) to dispose of our our garbage. My daughter always wanted to go with me. “I can go Daddy”?, she’d ask. Yeah, she’d run to her room to get her baby, Honey, then come a runnin’ & go tell Mommy. Then we’d loaded up the Ole Pick-Up Truck & we’d secured everything in real good. A friend of mine used to call it my “Ole Concrete Truck” cause it was Concrete Gray (it was supposed to be Gun Metal Silver) & fully stripped down to the bare necessities. An AM/FM Radio, heater, 3-speed manual transmission, 6-cylinder engine, wipers, no power steerin’, & that was it. I’d get her up in her little car seat, nothin’ like what we have now for the grandchildren. I’d crank that ole truck, tune the radio on an “Oldies Station”, start singin’ along before we got down to the bottom of the driveway, & headed off to the dump. We were singin & “Seat Dancin’ ” (yeah, you’ve all been there) to’em all just enjoyin’ our time together. To this day she still sings along to songs from the late 50’s thru the late 70’s. Her friends to this day are amazed at her knowledge of the “Oldies” She was born in 1978. I’d tell her if she was a good girl we’d get a “Surprise” on the way home. “OK Daddy” she’d say. We’d ride the back roads seein’ & enjoyin’ the scenery & wildlife. We’d get there, empty the trash bags, sweep-out truck bed,  & head home. On our return trip I would stop & buy gas. While I pumped it she wanted to, & I’d let her, play in the truck bed. When I headed in, to pay, she’d hold my hand & look up at me & say “Daddy, have I been good”? I’d pick her up & say “Yes You Have” as we went in the store. I’d put her down & she’d grab a hold of my hand as she always did. Then she’d walk around the candy section just a lookin’. Then she’d ask for a drink & we’d get her what ever she wanted & some candy. We would pay for the gas & her stuff & there was an Old Man in there would ask her if she had been good? She’d reply with a smile & say “Ahum-Sir” which was a combination of Yes Ma’am & Yes Sir. She had the concept down.  The Old Gentleman would reward her with some more candy. About 3 or 4 blocks from the house on our way home, I’d stop the truck & let her ride the rest of the way home in the back of the truck. She thought that was great. When we got home she couldn’t wait to go tell her mother she had been a good girl & about our trip…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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