…”I love you too Boy”…

Just Chillin'
Last Friday I headed to “The Ham” to keep my 2 1/2 year old Grandson. Both of my Granddaughters were at school, 2nd Grade & 5yr old Kindergarten. His Mom (Lindsay) had a work session for “Bundles Of Hope” for their booth @ the up comin’ “Babypalooza” in “The Ham” Civic Center. I stopped off to pickup some lunch before I got there. Something I knew he liked & we could share. So, Papa finally gets there & rings the doorbell, intentionally, & waited for him to come to the door. A few seconds passed, I hear voices inside so I use my key to unlock the door. As I open it there stands Mommy & Liam. His first words were {{{{{ Papa ! }}}}} as he slams into me with a Big Hug around my legs, looks up with open arms & I pick’em up. He sees the bag in my hand & says “what that Papa”? I said “that’s Papa’s lunch”. He said “Oh…where you sword”! “I don’t have a sword Boy” was my retort. We went on into the kitchen & as I was sittin’ down the Feed Bag to get it open I asked Liam if he liked Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard Sauce? “No”!, he said..I said “sir”? He said, “No Sir”! I asked him if he liked Navy Beans? “No”! again he replied. Again I asked “sir”? “No Sir” he responded again. Well how bout some Mac & Cheese then? “No Sir Papa”!, he said, he’s learnin’! Well the whole time this little question session was goin’ on Mommy & I were lookin’ @ each other tryin’ to figure out his responses cause we both knew he liked everything I got for us. I told Mommy I’d handle it, but she already knew that. Well Mommy left & I got our lunch divided out & reheated so we could eat together. I said “Hey Boy, you like Chicken Fingers, Beans, & Mac & Cheese”? “Yes Sir Papa” he replied…Good Boy. We sat down & ate our lunch & chatted on all sort of topics. Most of which I really didn’t get as a 2 1/2 yr olds mind wanders as he eats & talks. Every thing I put on his plate he finished & he wanted more so I divied him out some more & he ate that too. He was ready to get down so I put him on the floor. After cleanin’ our mess I turn around & he has a (toy) sword! Fight Papa!  Wait up Boy, Papa doesn’t have a sword! Oh, he said as he looked bewildered. Give Papa that one & you go find another one. A few minutes went by so I went to the toy room to find him. He’s there dumpin’ all kind of stuff out. “Whoaaa Boy! What are you doin’ “, I asked? Where my sword Papa? I said I don’t know, lets look. There across the room in plain sight was the other sword just layin’ there. I said, “Hey Boy! Look over there (as I pointed to my left)”. “There my sword Papa”, he said as he stumbled over assorted toys, the shortest path of course, to get to it. I turned to go sit down to catch the Olympics, as they were on the TV. {{{{{ Whack ! }}}}} across the back of my legs. “Boy, what are you doin’ “?, I asked as I turned around. “Fight Papa”! were his words & {{{{{ Whack ! }}}}} again across my right thigh as I caught him across his shoulder. He was  just a laffin’ the whole time. Damn, that boy likes a good Sword Fight bout like I liked a good Rock Fight when I was little. Well, we fought a while  &  wrestled some too. Nap time caught up to us so all the physical activity had to wind down. He went right down, no problems. “I love you Papa”!, he said, as he hugged my neck & kissed my cheek. I laid him down, turned to exit his room & again he said “I love you Papa”!  “I love you too Boy”! I said.Folks, life just don’t get much better than that…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

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