My Military Career Part #12 …”Frankenstein Castle”…

As I’ve discussed before, I was in the United States Air Force from June 1971 thru June 1975. I was fortunate enought get assigned to Ramstein AF Base, in Ramstein Germany from October 1971 to June 1975 & worked Shift Work as a Aircraft Control & Warning Systems (ACW) Operator @ The Kindsbach Bunker in Kindsbach Germany. That was about 7 to 8 miles as the bird flew or about 15 miles by “Shuttle Bus”.  It was TOUGH WORK! But SOMEBODY HAD TO DO IT. I’m just glad it was me! Hell, 2-days On, 2-days Off, 2-days On, 4-days Off. Oh, and all of my “On Days” were 8-hr shifts. And the TOUGH part about it was tryin’ to figure out just WHAT I was goin’ to do with all of those “Off Days”! But I managed. My first year there I was engaged, my (at that time) “Bride To Be” was back in “The States”.  I really have to admit I spent my time tavelin’ everywhere I could to keep myself out of trouble & to see all of the Sites & Historical Ruins I could.  I mean think about it! Back in East Lake/Birmingham, AL just how many Castles could you go See & Tour. Hell, I can tell ya! There were {{{{{ NONE }}}}} in Mt. Brook, Hoover, Vestavia, Homewood, nor even Crestwood, AL. Although some thought there were. NAW! I mean “REAL CASTLES”! I mean from back when Kings & Queens ruled, Counts & Countesses, Barons, & Knights lived in’em & controlled their kingdoms (Big & Small), you know. We studied about’em in World History Classes back in our School years. Some in Ruins & Others in all of Their Splendor. There was a trip I enjoyed goin’ on the most though. It was a Dinner Cruise on The Rhine River called “The Lighting Of The Castles”. A wonderful Night Cruise on a very nice Cruise Boat with a fabulous German meal, an assortment of wonderful White German Wines, German Biers, Deserts, & Pastries to die for. It was an All you could Eat & Drink for a fixed price. It was a re-creation of Night Time Battles that took place in their particular historical periods. I don’t remember exactly how many there were, per trip, but it was several on each Dinner Cruise. I guess I did about 4 different Cruises & they were all different Locations & different Castles. They were all lit-up with Fire Works & such. I mean beautiful sights to see & the sounds to hear. The Booms of Cannon, the Clashing sounds of Swords & Shields faintly off in the distance. You could just imagine’em if you just let your imagination run loose. Then other times there was Castle explorin’ to be done. How many of YOU can say YOU ACTUALLY walked up the mountain, in the Town Of Frankenstein, Germany & wandered among the Ruins of Frankenstein Castle! Yep, this “Ole Boy” has many a time. “What did you do Daddy/Papa while you were in the Military”? Well I have told’em/can tell’em. Of course in time I became the Recipient of a REAL “Dear John Letter”! That’s another story for another time…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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