…”The History of Our/MY Flag as I know & Remember it”…

The Pier is ready 05-13-16

As I sit here gazin’ down, from The Deck, toward the pier my gaze is attracted to the wavin’ & flutterin’ of MY FLAG. Now I don’t refer to “MY” as because I bought it & therefore own it! But because it is THE FLAG of MY Country, The United States Of America. And by the way, I made SURE that THIS/MY Flag was “Made In The USA” before I bought it! I know I wasn’t “THE BEST” Student to ever pass thru our School Systems but this is what know & how I remember Our/MY Flags History. Oh, to some people it is just a cheap piece of cloth, died in multi colors, cut & stitched so it will fit over a small stick type of a pole. To ME it is MY Country’s HISTORY! I have flashes of history lessons tellin’ me that Betsy Ross hand stitched our very first Flag. What the Colors of Our/MY Flag represent are; Red: Valor and hardiness, White: Purity and innocence, & Blue: Vigilance, perseverance, and justice. There are 13 stripes, alternating Red & White, one for each state of the Union in it’s beginning. There were also 13 Stars, again one for each State of the Original Union. All in a circle with 5 pointed Stars with a single point upwards. Once a New State was Founded and accepted into The Union the followin’ July 4th, our Country’s Birthday, there would be a New Star added to the field of Blue to represent the New State & the New Flag would then replace the former Flag as it was retired.The White Stars on a Field of Blue have changed many times thru our history. Then, President Taft – dated June 24, 1912 – established proportions of the flag and provided for arrangement of the stars in six horizontal rows of eight each, a single point of each star to be upward.  Of Francis Scott Key in 1814, who stood on the deck of a British Warship & watched on September 13 as the barrage of Fort McHenry began eight miles away. He watched in awe thru the night and into the mornin’ light as Our/MY Flag still stood. He penned his thoughts to paper, as a Poem “Defense of Fort McHenry”. Within just weeks afterward it was put to music and renamed “The Star Spangled Banner”. Our/MY Current Flag now has 50 Stars on it! Our/MY flag has flown in many Wars and always came out Victorious! We have been in two (2) Policing Actions, Korea (which is still On-Hold) because both sides just wanted to quit at the time & there was No Winner & No Loser (Yeah-Right)  & Vietnam (it was a Politically driven War) when it was NO Longer a benefit to us (our Politicians of the day), we left the South Vietnamese to be defeated by the Communist Lead North Vietnamese Army in 1973. This Flag deserves our Respect for what it stands for, for the MANY who have fought, been injured, & even died for it. Men & Women of all Races & all Branches. To give us the rights & protections we live under today. And might I  Proudly say are CURRENTLY ALL VOLUNTEERS. Many have come here seekin’ it’s protection & a better form of life. Others have come here for it’s protection & then claim to be insulted by it. Well then LEAVE DAMN IT! The “Political Cowards that Play Leadership Rolls” give into the vast minorities that complain about Our/MY Flag & how it insults, intimidates, or makes them uncomfortable, & they want it removed. Instead of standing up for Our/MY Flag they, our “Political Cowards that Play Leadership Rolls”, Kowtow to the minorities to sooth them & to ask for their Votes come the next election. Cowards, all of them are Cowards. My Family both Grandfathers, my Father & Step Father, My Father-in-Law, Two Nephews, & I have Served Our/MY Flag Proudly. Long May She Wave! God Bless The United States Of America…The History of Our/MY Flag as I know & Remember it…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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