…”I’m gonna go rub my sore feet now”…

Sooo over time many of you have seen/read where I’ve mention the Squirrels (Tree Rats) kind of run-a-muck amongst all of the Hickory (Hicker) Trees & Pine Trees throughout my front & back yards. I have even mentioned from time to time it sounds as though they’re throwin’ Hicker Nuts or Pine Cones @ each other. You know like we, some of us, did Rocks when were young. This mornin’ I’m goin’ to discuss & show you, pictures attached, just how messy these critters are. Some of’em Tree Rats will sat up in’em Hicker trees & pick Green, Unripened, Hicker Nuts off’em trees. They’ll start knawin’ on’em till they get’em opened & can nibble’em little hearts/nutty parts out of’em while the whole time droppin’ the knawed hulls & shells down on the ground. Or in this case MY DRIVEWAY! Then at the same time some of they’er family members are over in my Pine Trees aworkin’ on Pine Cones. Now the Pine Cones are made up of little Sticker-ed Leaves, wedged shape,  that are wrapped/grow so tightly together, bottom to top, thus causin’ the tapered Cone look they have. Now, inside each one of those little sticker-ed wedges grows a Pine Nut!  Now if you’ve ever traveled the Salad Bar Circuits you’ll know what a Pine Nut is. Em’damned Tree Rats’ll sat up on a limb, after pickin’em a nice Green Pine Cone & commence to strippin’em little sticker-ed leaves off of’em, gettin’ to’em little Pine Nuts inside’em, eat’em & tossin’ the Pine Cone Cores to the ground. Again, the whole damned time, droppin’em thangs on My Driveway! Yes again leavin’ nothin’ but a mess. Oh, & let me mention to ya the painfull aspects of this. Em’little Pine Leaves (with they’er stickered ends) &  em’Hicker Nut Pieces/parts (sharp as hell on’em jagged cracked edges) play hell on yer feet if ya forget about’em & start walkin’ down the Driveway {{{{{ BAREFOOTED ! }}}}}. Then there’s a string of words that most of ya didn’t learn from ya Momma’s that’ll come spillin’ out of ya mouth. And’ll bet a lot of know what SOAP tastes like RIGHT! Well, after you’ve picked’em thangs out of the bottoms of your feet you go back to the house for some shoes. I’ll just say this, most of’em Tree Rats knows what a “BB” sounds like as it passes by’em or nicks the limb by’em & they drop what they’re knawin’ on & scatter for Higher Limbs & put some distance behind’em as quick as they can. It’s a funny soundin’ {{{ Thunk! }}} they make when they hit the ground though. Some of get up dazed, scramblin’ for the nearest tree, & some of’em don’t. My Bride won’t eat no Squirrel/Tree Rat. But by the next mornin’em too are gone. Kritters of the night I guess!..It’s kinda funny, they ain’t seen for a few days, then it all starts over again. Y’all pardon me, I’m gonna go rub my sore feet now…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>   


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