…”the contents are drip dryin’ “…

Today has been a little interestin’. My Bride & I started our Saturday off by enjoyin’ time together & shared 2 Pots of “Joe”.  Got geared up to go to Home Depot to check out future projects. Had an early lunch at The Cracker Barrel & ended up at the Grocery Store on our way home. I kept watchin’ the skys as they were rather dark & there was Lightenin’ & Thunder off in the distance. I could see the rain lines but where we were it just rained briefly. We got home & noticed small limbs scattered on the ground as usual with gusty winds. We got the truck unloaded. My Bride put the groceries away while I restocked The Cave refrigerator with a case of Beer. Somebody keeps emptyin’ that thing! The door bell rings, I head upstairs, it someone from across the slough. Told us our “Blue Kayak & Pier Storage Box” blew away in the storm that went thru while we were in town. The mistaken Kayak was actually our 5 Blue Water Floats that were tied together and had made it out to the main channel & were headed South! The Storage Box was floatin’ upside down under our neighbors pier. We boarded the Pontoon Boat & went after the Floats first & rescued them. Then we headed for the floatin’ away Storage Box. I couldn’t believe everything was still in it, it was upside down in the water, & full of water. After we wrestled it alongside & diggin’ out the contents & tossin’em on the Pontoon Deck. We finally got the water out of the Storage Box and got it up on the Pontoon Deck & we headed for the Pier. Got everything squared away. I got my drill, put some holes in the Storage Box in just the right places, found some spare rope, & tied the Storage Box to the pier where that won’t happen again. All of the contents are drip dryin’ & will get re-stored away tomorrow. All’s well @ the Gray House…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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