…”I’m just goin’ to sit here”…

About an hour ago my Bride went up to check the mail & I headed, down here, to the pier to enjoy the bench swing & view. My Bride headed this way after dropping the mail off in house. As she headed down here it started a light rain. As we sat here enjoyin’ the light breeze, the rain on the metal roof, & the water lappin’ behind us off of the seawall we just engaged in relaxin’ conversation & the peace of the moment. It’s such a peaceful/beautiful  view lookin’ out across the Slough & out toward The Main River. The rain has stopped,  my Bride headed back up to the house, & I’m still enjoyin’ the breeze , the swing & the view. I’m just goin’ to sit here and enjoy my afternoon. Hope y’all are enjoyin’ yours…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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