…”The sounds of Rollin’ Thunder”…

Last night we were fortunate enough to get some slow soakin’ rain that we have been in need of for a while. The grass shows a good hint of Green returnin’ to it. Now today we are gettin’ another one of those light rains fallin’. These kind of Summer Rains can come in & either FLOOD everything out  or just be a good steady light soaker, like we have fallin’ right now. They never last too long but do wonders for the plants, grass, & trees. And it cleanses the air & is so refreshin’ to breath that CLEAN AIR! As the rain eases up the Ducks all go crazy in the shallos of the slough gently rinsin’ & cleanin’ themselves. It’s soothin’ to watch. There are now breaks in the clouds as the rain stops as quickly as it started. But the Weather Radar shows we will probably be gettin’ some more as the day progresses. The sounds of Rollin’ Thunder tell me it won’t be too long before they’er here again. I’ve got some errands to run so I need to get’em done. Y’all stay dry & enjoy your day…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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