…”y’all either work or complain”…


There’s a slight breeze here this mornin’ whisperin’ thru the trees, across the water, it’s overcast, & the temperature ain’t bad either. There are Squirrels in the Hickory Trees to my right droppin’ “Hickernuts” to the ground. But none pickin’em up yet. Interestin’. I hear who I believe to be Pete, our resident Blue Heron, justa squakin’ across the Slough but out of my sight. Haven’t heard any boats out this mornin’. Odd, usually there are 1 or 2 locals out before the weekenders arrive. My 3rd Mug-O-Joe’s whisperin’ “sip me, sip me”! Hang on…Aahhh…the local pack-o-hounds across the way have cranked up. Someone must’ve let a Cat out. It’s interesting as I turn my head how other sounds just occur. Hell, with these Radar Receivers hung on the side of my head I hear all kinds of thinks. I love it out here, on The Deck, in the front row pew first thing in the mornin’. I’m just goin’ to sit here, continue to relax, finish my “Joe” while most of  y’all either work or complain. Later…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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