…”Y’all enjoy your evenin’ “…

Supper tonight, for my Bride & I, was simple. I went back to a “Grass Roots Camp Dinner”. Started with 1 lb of Hamburger Meat divided into 4 -1/4 lb servin’s ea.), 1 med. size Sweet Onion, quartered 8 small potatoes, sliced up 1 large fresh squash, halved 8 small tomatoes, celery sticks, carrot sticks, & fresh sliced mushrooms. Took 4 LARGE sheets of Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, coated it Extra EXTRA Virgin Olive Oil, divided ingredients evenly, added some fresh cracked Black Pepper, then sealed’em all up & put ’em on the Grill for 45 mins @ 300 degrees. Yeah, it was good! Blue Bell, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Ice Cream to follow soon. Y’all enjoy your evenin’…”Hold’em, Hook”!…..BG>



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