…”NOW the day gets REAL!”…

Mug #3....jpg

Well here it is! The LAST (#3) Mug-O-Joe for the mornin’. Standin’ here admirin’ it my mouth begin’s to water almost faster than I can swallow. My lips are dry & throbbin’. My taste buds are tinglin’ in anticipation. Damn, my shirt’s WET! I guess I might have drooled a little. I’ll savor it slowly, as each sip passes from my Mug into my waitin’ mouth, across my taste buds washin’em gently, before I swallow gently, & then lightly lick my lips as not to miss a single drop. I know that as the level of that precious elixir slowly disappears my eyes will begin to see the bottom of the Mug & I’ll begin to tear up for 2 reasons. One because I nearin’ the last few drops of the day & the other because NOW the day gets REAL! Until the next time…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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