…”it’s time for an ACHIEVER”…

Out on The Deck 5-26-16

I’m sorry, but after watchin’ the News this mornin’ I’m on a RANT!
It ‘s truly a mixed up world we’re livin’ in.The level of disrespect that society seems to show for others is atrocious. The lack of self motivation is failin’ us. Look around your SMALL little part of the world. What do you see? No really, WHAT DO YOU SEE? I guess the most focus right now is on our Nations Law Enforcement Agencies. All of the uproar about BAD COPS! Ok, lay that aside for a moment. Now, back to your small part of the world. Look into your career field, the place you work/worked, & the people you work/worked with. Were/Are you a TOP Achiever? If not Why NOT? Did your Employer offer you one of two levels of employment? Either a Loafer or as an Achiever? I didn’t think so. Did they offer you a specific pay level for the specific job you were applyin’ for? Did you accept it understanding what was expected of you? Didn’t they hired you to do the BEST you could? Did you? If not why? Or were/are you a Loafer? Now look closer. Do you remember/know those who only did/do enough just to get by? Always complainin’ about their jobs? Expectin’ to get better pay & higher positions without doin’ what it takes to make you/them stand above the others? Do you/they realize the doors are not locked & you/they can/could LEAVE anytime! Were/Are you one of those always carrin’ those Loafers? Doin’ what they never seem to get done? Did/Do you/they like it? Now, back to our Law Enforcement focus. Are there Officers there that are “The Loafers” of their fields? Of course there are. Just like Doctors, Ditch Diggers, Government workers, Liberians, Teachers, Paper Boys, Soldiers, Sales Representatives, go on pick any field you want to. They are EVERYWHERE! But what are the percentages of them. Probably very very slight but those are the ones that EVERYONE remembers. Rarely are the achievers remembered, until a LOAFER wants to tear’em down. Then we/they say “well anyone can/could do that! Why didn’t you/they? Now, think about our Politicians? Are they/you gettin’ it done? Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for an ACHIEVER to be the one to lead us. The Politicians aren’t willin’/don’t seem to be willin’ to…”Hold’em Hook!”…..BG>


3 thoughts on “…”it’s time for an ACHIEVER”…

  1. Sam Johnson

    You’ve got it, Billy – the genuine gift. You’ve got a brilliant mind, and genuine heart and soul. It’s powerful.

    And you aren’t squandering it – you are nurturing it, living it, preserving it, and growing it.

    And, then, you are harvesting it and sharing it, which guarantees that it will last.

    Last forever.

    Way to go. Thank you, Billy.

    It matters.

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