…”the sights & sounds”…

After catching’ up on the News this morning’ my Mug-O-Joe & I migrated out to The Deck to enjoy the sights & sounds. No sooner than I got seated there was one heck of a fuss kicked up. Seems two Blue Herons (I think one was Pete) were squabblin’ over fishin’ rights. I really didn’t understand the outcome but they both flew off, in opposite directions, still justa squakin’ @  one other. Bout that time my Bride wandered out with her Mug-O-Joe in one hand & her note pad/check list in the other. We start to have a conversation then we’re rudely interrupted by an army of, I believe, Cicada Bugs. When those rascals crank-up they make one hell of a racket. Seems they all try to out do the other. Had to get me a refill in my Mug. My Bride headed back inside on a mission (?). Me, well, I’m left out out here in my favorite seat, on the Front Row Pew, just enjoyin’ the sights & sounds of the mornin’. Y’all have a Blessed Day…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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