…”They fished on”…

After supper this evenin’ I headed for the water with a Rod & Reel in hand. I caught a couple of Small Spots as I eased my way eastward. They’re always fun to play with. I worked my way out to the point to the main channel. There was a couple of young guys fishin’ & workin’ their way toward me. The one on the tollin’ motor set the hook, he watched his rod bow & told his partner to “get the net”! We were fishin the same pier but on opposite sides ofcourse. About that time I hooked up. I’m lookin’ @ them & their lookin’ @ me. My rod had a lot more bow than did his. He got his in the boat & then i got mine up on the sea wall I was walkin’. Turns out the one I had was about a 4 lb Spot. He didn’t hold his up. He asked me what I was throwin’ & I showed him my “Ole Chrome & Blue” Rattle Trap. I asked him what he was throwin’. Yep! he too held up a “Chrome & Blue” Rattle Trap as well. What a way to end the day. We both  released our catches. They fished on & I strolled to the house…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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