…”Takin’ Care Of Business”…


7-10-16Ya know, it’s amazin’ just how relaxed one can get after just a single 6 Pack & sittin’ on the pier watchin’ everyone enjoy themselves. The waves crashin’ against the pier give it JUST the right amount of movement to Fully Relax someone (me). Liam (bless his heart) was snoozin’ in the Ski Boat, Johnny grabbed the Cast Net & started slingin’ for some Shad. I grabber the “Ole Chrome & Blue” & started flingin’. Oohh & low & behold Ole Papa hooked up…”Hold’em Hook”! Johnny finally netted One (!) shad & was immediately put on a hook & tossed outto lure somethin’ in.. We got THE CALL to come & eat! So Johnny woke Liam up (& he wasn’t happy) but we headed to the house. After supper we got busy to get his boat out of the water, get the water toys all up & put away. Oohh & we checked the Shad out there all baited up & he was missin’, along with the split shot weights, the hook & about 3 feet of line. But we did get the float back though! Must have missed one while we were eatin’. so we’em got all loaded up, the kids, the wife, & the dogs as the rain started. And did it ever come ina blowin’! They are now on the way home & Gigi & I are straighten up & unwindin’. It’s been another “Family Weekend” @ the Gray house. Oh, y’all just remember in the words of “BTO” tomorrow mornin’ “Takin’ Care Of Business”…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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