…”It’s time for more Joe”…


IMG_9193It’s early Sunday mornin’ here. My Bride & I are both enjoyin’ our 1st Mugs-O- Joe as we each survey the happenin’ of the World over night. The sound of “Sound Machines” that our Grands sleep to are in the background just makin’ a static noise. I’m almost afraid to turn on the Mornin’ News to see where others may have been killed due to “WHO GIVES A SHIT Matters” Groups. People I’m tellin’ ya we’re in a horrible time right now. Especially with the Head Clown & his Circus that are in “The Peoples House/White House. Beware folks just Beware! Well the the Middle Grand just came from the bedroom the 2 girls share & slid up next to Gigi & snuggled up under a blanket. It’s a beautiful site for these “Ole Eyes”. My son & daughter-in-law also slide in from the opposite side of the house, shared mornin’ greetin’s, robbed The Joe Pot, stole my truck & headed to “The Ham” for Sunday School leavin’ the 3 grands here with Papa & Gigi. I must admit though WE DO LOVE IT SO! They’ll return around around lunch time, we’ll have lunch & water play time will begin, if it hasn’t already. It’s time for more Joe for Papa. Y’all enjoy your day…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


3 thoughts on “…”It’s time for more Joe”…

  1. Sounds like you’re enjoying a weekend surrounded by love.
    I had to stop watching the news. I try and shield the husband from it-gives him a bad case of restlessness. It’s his bday weekend and he is avoiding crowds and downtown St. Louis, which means our plans are cancelled. BUT like you, we have our family and that’s more than enough to make great memories.

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    1. Linda Gray

      happy birthday to your husband! i hope he has a wonderful day. i try to be informed of what’s going on in the world but it’s upsetting to me too. All lives matter! We are so blessed to have our families!

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