…”A Repost from : July 4, 2015″…

20160422_105144-1_resizedToday is the 4th of July 2015. The day that we celebrate our Nations Independence! To our Forefathers, the Colonist who settled in this New World, who fought for our Independence from England and brought forth a New & Free Nation thank you. They gave us the Freedom of Religion, the Freedom of Speech, & a Constitution (along with it’s Amendments) by which we have been governed, since the Constitution came into force in 1789, for 226 years. Thank you to Betsy Ross for making our First Official Flag representing the 13 Original Colonies. Thank you to all of those through the generations who have fought, died, or were wounded to protect and defend those rights from those that have challenged us to bring our Country down. And TO HELL with the Sorry Leaders in Washington D.C. that are doing their best to give our Country way in small bits and pieces. This used to be a Nation governed by a Majority Vote of the People. Now it is so fragmented that our Cowards Governing us feel the need to be so “Politically Correct (PC)” to please them all, even though all of them combined are a minority.  Where does it stop? Socialism has taken such a hold on us we can’t recognize it, or most don’t want to. Oh, if they ignore it, it will get better, {{{ WRONG ! }}}. Our Government has taken GOD out of so many aspects of our lives. And continue to do so at every turn. Where will it stop? GOD I pray for you, I ask you, to have mercy on us, to come back into our hearts (those that will allow you to), & guide our country back to the path from which we have fallen. Help us to rid our Government of the Liars, Cowards, & Thieves that continue to bring us down internally. Show us the Men & Women who, as Patriots, we can get behind and help us bring our Nation/Country back, once again, to thrive as the Greatest Nation among Nations. These are my thoughts as I celebrate our Great Nations Independence. Travel safely, be alert, & enjoy your celebration activities. Happy 4th of July to you all. GOD BLESS AMERICA!…..BG>

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