…”God Bless America & Keep Her Strong”…


So as the evenin’ wears down so do all of us here. It’s been a busy day in & on the water. Again there was more food than we could possibly consume. The Grands, x3, are all down for the count/evenin’. We sat relaxin’ & recappin’ the days activities out on The Deck after a late supper. We were even treated to some local fireworks again this evenin’, though not near as good, as last night. The crowd has slowly thinned out or are crashin’ for the night as I’m huntin’ peckin’. My Bride is finishin’ the last of the days dishes. But tomorrow is another day & it will be off to the races to another day on the water with family & friends. Hope y’all are havin as much fun & food as we are here at The Gray House. Have a Happy & Safe July 4th tomorrow & remember “1776, Ole Glory, & Our Constitution”. Many Brave Souls fought & died to afford us the Rights & Lives we all have. I don’t remember the names of any COWARDS that did. God Bless America & Keep Her Strong against Any & All Enemies, Foreign or Domestic…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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