…”instead of a shower”…

Catch up on the mornin’ News-check, two Mugs-O-Joe-check, two Rice Krispies Treats-check, mornin’ workout-check, grocery store errand-check, quart of Gatorade-check, now last Mug-O-Joe-workin’ on it & another Rice Krispy Treat as I relax under the ceilin’ fan on The Deck contemplatin’ my next activity for the day. The dog across the slough sounds like he huntin’ company. I think the squirrels have bout stripped all the bark off of the big pine across the driveway. They’re just a scamperin’ up & down that thing. “Ole Pete”, the Blue Herron, is huntin’ his mornin’ snack down on the boat launch. He’d better hurry is all I’ve gotta say. Cause I’m contemplatin’ a Dip-n-the-Lake instead of a shower. Yep…it’s gonna be the Dip-in-the-Lake! Y’all don’t work too hard…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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