…”Again, if you haven’t tried one”!…

Just Chillin'Yesterday, Saturday, mornin’ I put the final touches on our, my Bride & I, Meat Purchases from Friday. We have a Food Saver Vacuum Sealer. If you haven’t never tried one you should. We wait for the meat to go on sale at certain Grocery Stores or Costco. Costco is where we were Friday afternoon. Pork Chops, Boneless Pork Back-Ribs, Boneless Rib-eye Steaks, Chicken Thighs (bone in & bone less), Chicken Legs, & Rotisserie Chicken meat. All in Bulk packaging. This mornin’ I broke it all down into the individual package sizes we need for meals. It freezes well and keeps fresh much than normal packagin’. Now our Freezer is LOADED UP! Decide what we want for a specific meal then step out into the garage and get it out of the Freezer. It’s like stockin’ your pantry in a way. Again, if you haven’t tried one of the Food Saver Vacuum Sealers you should…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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