…”enjoy your mornin'”…


22218_989848007712282_8481197791787430355_nLets see: Mug-o-Joe-check, in my favorite chair on the front row-check, ceilin’ fan of low-check.

Good Mornin’ World, yes, it’s a beautiful mornin’ from “The Deck” ! It’s been a while since I have posted anything. I think it’s been a combination of a little bit busy & a lot of laziness. But the good thing about it is that it’s another beautiful day from where I’m sittin’ & viewin’ the scenery. I know many of you right now are enjoyin’ the mornin’ view somewhere from along a coast line or maybe the mountains. I enjoy them as well when I’ m there. But for my money, I just don’t think it can beat what I have right here. And I only had to travel from the Bedroom (with a couple of stops along the way) to The Deck for it. There’s the sound of a single boat headin’ up river, probably headed to their favorite “Fishin’ Hole”.Lookin’ out across the yard the first thing that catches my eyes are the two Gardenia Bushes in the yard. From the lack of pretty white blooms on them I guess they have peeked for this year and there are fewer as the days pass. But they still are puttin’ out that wonderful aroma they are famous for. Birds, birds, & more birds! I feel as though my head is a Radar reciever as I’m constantly turnin’ my head, up-down-left-right, to fine tune a different bird singin’ it’s song. Peaceful? Yes it is! There goes a motor cycle headed across Stemley bridge. Such an enjoyable sound to the many of us who are or have been riders. {{{ Wow ! }}}…an Osprey just swooped in for a Snatch & Go out on the slough. And no it’s nothin like the Snatch & Go’s that happen in Walmart or Mall Parkin’ lots. Um-m-m, there’s the bottom of the Mug, guess it’s time for refill on the Joe. Y’all enjoy your mornin’ where ever you are…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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