…”if for no other reason”…

Just Chillin'I HOPE that Donald Trump IS elected President. The fact that None of the Liberals (well maybe a few will) support him! And TOO Damn many of the Republicans are against him! Even the Independents are buckin’up against him! Hum-m-m, makes you wonder WHY? I bettin’ too many of those Liars, Thieves, & Crooks are afraid if he DOES get elected, against all of their efforts, is goin’ to EXPOSE a lot of Crooked People (Politicians, & Lobbyist). They can’t allow that to happen! Think about it! Because the Vast Majority of them ARE NOT DOIN’ what they were elected to do FOR THE PEOPLE! These are PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS! They’re doin’ what is best for THEM as individuals, like gettin’ Re-Elected, Raisin’ Money for their Re-Elections, & seekin’ Pocket Money for themselves. Just THINK about it! How many of them arrive in DC to do the Peoples Work & are Not Millionaires? Then look at how many of them ARE Millionaires when they leave. HELL! Some of them move from Millionaire Status to {{{ BILLIONAIRE }}} Status!  I’m talkin’ about people from BOTH PARTIES here folks! Do any of YOU see anythin’ wrong with this? I want this Billionaire Elected if for no other reason than to EXPOSE THESE LIARS, THIEVES, & CROOKS IN OUR GOVERNMENT for what they are!…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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