…”If I just happen to doze off”…


22218_989848007712282_8481197791787430355_nIt’s commin’! I can hear it in the distance behind me, from the South. The Trees are all just soo still, in anticipation. Except for where the squirrels are playin’ chase (crazy Tree Rats!). Soon all of the local nature will be treated with a cleansin’. All of the plants & grass will perk back up & regain their lost beauty/colors. And then a grass cuttin’ will follow in a couple of days. Just part of the cycle of life. Now the breeze has started showin’ as the tree’s leaves are beginnin’ to quiver in anticipation of what is about to begin. The slow rollin’ sounds of Thunder are nearer & louder now. It won’t be long now. The breeze is increasin’ as the waters surface, in the slough, is beginnin’ to increase it’s ripples to wavy activity. I’m goin’ for a refill & I’m just goin’ to sit here, no even better lay on the chaise lounge, for a while and enjoy, with my Mug-O-Joe of course, the Rain as it begins. If I just happen to doze off well that’s OK! Y’all be safe out there…”Hold’em Hook”…..BG>


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