…”my Bride wanted to dress me”…

22218_989848007712282_8481197791787430355_nAahhh, sittin’ in the Front Row Pew, in my favorite seat, this mornin, sippin’ on a fresh Mug-O-Joe & listenin’ to the Mornin’ Sermon of all that the Lord has created around me. I must say the Message is Inspirin’. I’m also reminiscin’ over “Last Night” (by The Mar-Keys) as my Bride & I enjoyed an evenin out with some friends in “The Ham”. It was very relaxin’ & just an over all good time. Well, except for ONE incident when the Hostess (with the mostest) stuck her hand in a bowl of, very tasty, slaw she had made, & flicked all over my Bride & I! I looked @ my Bride & she @ me, both in shock, we brushed ourselves off, & I remember thinkin’ {{{ What The Hell ! }}}. The odd part about it was I had just made a comment about how GOOD it, the Slaw, was & then she off & did THAT! Damn, go figure? I will say though, after that lil ordeal, I did keep an eye that Hostess when ever she came around me again. Ya never know what lurks in the mind of someone like that! Well then things calmed down & we resumed the various conversations bein’ shared among the guests. It was a very eclectic gatherin’ of folks there. Some we had known & others we really enjoyed gettin’ to know. To the Hostess, thanks for the invitation (I think), & I’m sure the remnants of the Slaw will wash out of the cheap shorts & shirt I had on. I’m just glad I did’t wear that expensive outfit my Bride wanted to dress me in. Oh well, I need another Mug-O-Joe…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


4 thoughts on “…”my Bride wanted to dress me”…

    1. It wasn’t a Waitress. It was the Hostess of the party at her house. Truth be told, it was just an accident. But it’s more fun to tell it differently for effect. I’m waitin’ on her to see it and respond…..BG>


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