…”always in it for the Long Haul”…


Just Chillin'May 29, 2016 I had been Retired 7 yrs. My 1st Grandchild was born June 10, 2009. I keep up with my retirement & her birthday sort of together. I always know the length of time & her age that way. I worked 33 yrs for the local Caterpillar Equipment Dealership, a (Fine) Family owned & operated dealership. I spent 31 of those years in the Material Handling side of the business. I’ve been asked many times “Do you miss the work & the job”? NO! Do you miss the folks you worked with? Some yes. Some NO! Many have left there since I left (some on their own & some not) & still many of them are still there. Do you miss my customers? Many, yes. I had been workin’ with’em, some of’em, for over 30 yrs, in different positions of course. Many became not only customers but Friends & still are even after bein’ retired for 7 yrs. Many competitors, customers & co-workers would call me from time to time, although those calls have ceased now, about business questions. Competitors askin’ if I was interested in goin’ to work for them. I politely thanked’em but turned’em down. For the former customers/friends that would call me at home askin’ about specs or certain personnel, I would, as I always had, tell it to’em straight. Like it or not. I feel they respected me for that. That’s what I built my relationships & business on. If I couldn’t sale’em somethin’ to solve their problem I’d tell where they COULD get it. I considered myself a “Problem Solver more than A Salesman”. For co-workers askin’ “what would you do”? Some times I would answer’em & many times I would reply “you need to ask your boss”. What I did & what you can get by with are/were two different things. I didn’t mind crossin’ the line when I knew it was right. I got flack for it, sure, but I still did. Because it was the right thing to do. Some Bosses NEVER liked that! You know “The Right Thing”! Those that know me know I was always “Outside The Box”. That’s where I have always been most comfortable. If it was the Right thing to do, I did it. If it was the Wrong (more profitable) thing I didn’t do it. I always wanted to be asked back, not told “Don’t Come Back”. And I always had a clear conscience. Many I worked with, & my Competitors, couldn’t say that. They liked to “Hit & Run”. I was always in it for the “Long Haul”. That about sums me up, sorry to be so long winded…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>.


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