…”Hum-m-m-m, my tummy’s a rumblin’ “….


Work out-done, trip by the little market for bananas-done, all cleaned up with no where to go-ready though, & 3rd Mug-O-Joe-workin’ on it. It’s 77 degrees, gotta a nice breeze blowin’ across The Deck, not a cloud it the sky, & low humidity. Yeah, it’s a beautiful day. The dogs, next door, are raisin cane (but it’s expected), as neighbors 2 doors doors down (yeah Dolly had a song about that), are havin’ a  Movin’ Co loadin’ up a Movin’ Van with all their wears as they’re movin’ to “Hot-Lanta”. The Mr. is followin’ his career path with his employer. I can honestly say I was glad to see MY days of drivin’ over to “Hot-Lanta” came to an end. Just never liked the level of confusion over there. I guess it just wasn’t my kinda place. MY neighbor on the other side just sold their ole pontoon boat & I suggested they use my launch to load it on as it would be easier to get it out of the water & on down the road to, to LA, it’s new home. Hum-m-m-m, my tummy’s a rumblin’. I guess I need to go find somethin’ to calm it down. Y’all enjoy your day now….”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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