…”two (2) good sips”…


22218_989848007712282_8481197791787430355_nMy Bride & I both slept in this mornin’. Yeah, we finally drug ourselves outa bed at 6:35 a.m. She got the Joe to brewin’ in both makers, hers the “Fru-Fru” kind & mine just Regular. We stumbled out on The Deck to the sounds of a steady light summer rain fallin’. The temperature was pleasant as well. Got my 1st Mug-O-Joe & sat down to check in on the mornin’ News.Yep, there’s still too many crazies runnin’ loose in the world & to many “Crazy Ass Politicians” allowin’em to do so. Yep, there were Shootin’ & Killin’s in both “The Ham & Chi Town” (Birmingham, AL & Chicago, IL) over night. And yet, both Police Departments are proud of their Crime Records bein’ at recent LOW LEVELS! Just what the hell do they call HIGH LEVELS? I headed out on The Deck with my 2nd Mug-O-Joe to enjoy the mornin’. {{{{{ DAMM-IT ! }}}}}…I spilled about two (2) good sips of that “Nectar of the Gods” on the little White Wicker Table. After I quit freakin’ out over it I got a pitcher of water & rinsed it all off. No Harm-No Foul. No more pantin’ & racin’ heart beat. I’m calm. Now just to sit here, relax, & enjoy the sounds of the mornin’ after the rain. “It’s a New Day People”!…Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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