…” the local Water Fowl”…


MallardAdultBlue Heron

Sittin’ here this mornin’, after my work out, on The Deck, finishin’ my 3rd Mug-O-Joe, I’m bein’ entertained by the local Water Fowl. Specifically a Blue Heron & a pair of Mallard Ducks. The Mallards, such beautiful colors they bare, so gracefully they glide across the water to my “Willow Fly Bush”, then they begin gently pluckin’ their mornin’ breakfast, both from the air, as they hover it & the water or right off of the bush as they rest. Then over by the two piers, there is a beautiful tall Blue Heron. It so gracefully & Stealthily, glided in & landed. it stands so tall & erect, it too also begins  the process of catchin’ it’s mornin’ breakfast. He stealthily moves along searchin’ the water for his prey, locates it, waits patiently for it to get within strikin’ range, it strikes as fast as lightenin’, & then it too enjoys it’s breakfast. Then I compare their movements on dry land. The Heron has such a graceful stride. It can adjust it’s gait, as required, to gain position & the advantage on it’s prey. The Mallards are not as graceful. They slowly & clumsily waddle along, rockin’ left to right, as they move along the seawall. The difference in their movements is really entertainin’. Then suddenly there was somethin’ that {{{{{ Spooked’em ! }}}}} . What ever it was was out of my sight. They all sprang into the air & flight in just one quick movement as they spread their wings. What a sight! The Mallards just a Quackin’ as they flew off to a safe distance & so gracefully glided into a water landin’, facin’ the breeze with feet extended, wings flutterin’ as a breakin’ motion & lightly ski in on the water. The Blue Heron fly’s off in the opposite direction justa Squawkin’ as they do, soundin’ like a Pterodactyl. Then he too turns into the breeze and lightly touches down on someone else’s pier. Then their routines begin yet again. Yeah, just another example of GOD’S hand at work in Nature. I hope y’all are enjoyin’ your mornin’s as much as I am mine…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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