A memory from: May 30, 2014… “Oh well, just more anticipation”…


2006 H-D Heritage Softail Classic (a) bought 05-30-2014A memory from: May 30, 2014… “Oh well, just more anticipation”.

{{{{{ Delivery Day ! }}}}}…..
6:30 a.m. Just got a message that MY NEW/Used Harley (Used H-D) will be delivered (Randy Thompson/Delivery Man) today. The Threat of RAIN ain’t going to hold my Delivery Man up! The excitement is building! ON “3rd Mug of Joe” already! “My New Toy” (Used H-D) is on it’s way. Delivery will take place SOON! I’m like a Child on Christmas Morning looking, listening, & waiting, & waiting, & waiting….
8:15 a.m. {{{{{{ IT’S HERE ! }}}}} {{{{{ IT’S HERE ! }}}}}….
9:00 a.m. Now to complete some needed Paper Work (write the Check!), then off to the Court House to get it transferred to ME!…. 9:30 a.m. get in line at the Court House. The 1st time I’ve EVER seen a Waiting Line over 4 people long. Wouldn’t you know it. Today it was #10 !  #10 in line (eat your heart out Jeff Co). Can you believe it! Finally (30 mins later) I get to Lady #3 & I didn’t have “Proof Of Insurance” so I couldn’t get a TAG! Damn it! I never knew you could Insure one before you owned it. Oh well, I did get it transferred into my name. So I’ll go back there 1st of the week to get it all completed….10:15 a.m. Headed out to take the Delivery Man home. Good visit on the ride to Thorsby, AL. We enjoyed a good lunch together, got him on home & I headed back home to “The Big Pell”. 3:47 p.m. I finally got my insurance completed. Too late to finish the job today so it will have to wait until Tuesday as I’ll be keeping my Grands on Monday. Oh well, just more anticipation…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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