“Yeah, this is my life”…


22218_989848007712282_8481197791787430355_nGot my 2nd Mug-O-Joe & have found my way out to The Deck. Sittin’ in my favorite chair, slow shallow breaths, just relaxin’ and takin’ it all in. Look!… a Blue Heron is standin’ on the seawall this mornin’! There is a light rain fallin, doesn’t bother him in the least, he’s huntin’ for breakfast! The down spouts are just a {{{ gurgglin’ }}} as the rain is runnin’ off of the roof, thru the gutters, and down the shuts. It’s a very calmin’ sound as it blends in with the sounds of the rain as it also falls thru the trees & lightly kisses the ground. Can ya hear it? Kinda like a Mornin’ Symphony! I can tell there’s a slight breeze, given away by the leaves wavin’ in it so slowly. At this specific time there are NO other sounds other than Nature just happenin’ as it does. Yeah, all created by GOD’S hand. These are the types of mornin’s that really let me contemplate what’s goin’ on around me. Yeah, this is my life & I’m damn sure goin’ to enjoy it. The Blue Heron just caught somethin’. Y’all have a Blessed Day…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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