…”Family is Family”…

The house is ready & our New HVAC System workin’ like a charm! The yard is all cleaned up, cut, weed-eated, & all trimmn’s blown away. The Pontoon Boat is pressure washed, vacuumed, charged up, fueled up & ready. Groceries put away. Now to pickup Mother-in-Law from the Airport in “The Ham” later this evenin’. My son & his family will be here Friday evenin’ once all of the “Law Dawg” work is done. My Sister-in-Law, her husband, & daughter will be commin’ in on Saturday evenin’. Yep, it’s about to get busy here in “The Big Pell” for the next 10 days. Lookin’ forward to everyone bein’ able to visit. These days there just isn’t enough of that. Too much distance between us all & too many busy schedules to adjust for. But Family is Family & we’ll get through it…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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