A Memory From:…”May 14, 2013″…



A Memory From May 14, 2013:

I’ve been out on the deck several times this morning just enjoying the sights & sounds of Mother Nature & Lake Life. Each time with another “Mug-O-Joe”. I compare this to sitting in Church (in your favorite seat on that special pew) listening to a wonderful sermon. You know it just makes you feel good all over! At times I just get chill bumps up & down me just enjoying the Morning message out here. Listen, right now there are 6 Crows, in the yard, cawing @ 2 Blue Herons on the Seawall enjoying a Shad Breakfast. And they seem to be eating VERY well! Right now, there are 3 (what appear to be) Tournament Bass Boats in the slough just easing around seeming to be scoping out things for the big “B.A.S.S. Southern Division Tournament” that starts here on Thursday and runs thru Saturday. I hope the Dr cuts me loose to be out in the boat following some of them around. I have really been looking forward to it for months. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow (keeping my fingers crossed). Well, it’s time for another of “Mug-O-Joe”, later…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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