…”Come-on body don’t fail me now”…

Just Chillin'

The last 3 days have been spent cleaning out my basement Storage Area. That’s where most of my HVAC is located except for the outside unit. After 18 1/2 yrs it has had it’s last “Band-aid Repair”. So it’s time to bite the bullet & replace it with an upgraded more efficient unit. Well, in order to do that a lot of “Stored Junk” has to be moved out of the way. Then that, naturally, has called for some badly needed clearin’ out & sortin’ trash from treasure. There’s “Stuff” down there that hasn’t been looked at, or used, since it was “Stored” 18 1/2 yrs ago. I’ve also been cleanin’ the floors, paintin’ the walls, & will install some additional overhead lights to brighten it up some down there. Now I’ll be able to organize a much needed work area for me. Hopefully get my work bench (& maybe even add some), tool box, assorted hand tools, auto jacks, jack stands & ramps in the same area. Bought some peg-board wall coverin’ to cover bare/insulated walls & better utilize that area for hangin’ & organizin’ yard & gardenin’ type tools. I also bought a few adjustable/moveable hooks just to get started with. Have an area set aside for the “Shop-Vac”, pressure washer, Aux-Portable Gen Set & other large items. There will be a place to store all of the Water/Lake toys that seem to increase each year. Also I’ll be able get all of my additional Fishin’ Gear organized & accessible. Up to this time the “There’s an empty spot” storage philosophy has been used unsuccessfully. Then, of course, there will be the trips to dispose of “Junk” that never should have been saved & things no longer needed. I’ll be buyin’ & installin’ badly needed storage racks & some needed bins. Hopefully then we will have things arranged so that when needed items can be located & retrieved – then returned to the same place when not in use. Hopefully by Saturday it should be completed. Come-on body don’t fail me now…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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