…”they would NEVER EVER admit to that”…

Ya know, it amazes me that all of those 15 (+/-) Republican Candidates that started out, Men & a Lady, all threatened, NO forced, Donald Trump to sign that CONTRACT/PLEDGE that no matter WHO the Party Candidate ends up bein’ that HE, Donald Trump, would support’em as the rest of all those Respectable (most of them Lying) Republicans would. Now the vast majority of them {{{ that LOST OUT }}} as the Front Runner of their Party are workin’, some openly & others behind the scenes, to make sure he, Donald Trump, either will loose or want to find a SLEEPER Candidate they can control to get nominated at the Republican Convention later this year. Are they not bound by, expected to follow, the SAME CONTRACT/PLEDGE they required Donald Trump to sign & follow in the beginnin’? What’s different NOW from THEN? Other than THEY ALL LOST! This is one of the best examples of why people are loosin’ faith in the Republican Party. They are showin’/provin’ that the Republican Party has just as many Liars, Thieves, & Crooks in it as do the Democrats. Career Politicians, on either side, don’t want an outsider to come in & upset their corruption, bein’ bought off from the highest bidders, Lying to the people who put them there to “DO GOOD THINGS”, & Make our Country Great Again. I just wonder if those are the Morals & Standards their parents taught them? Or is it just OK to throw all of those away once they get into Politics. I wonder if they would openly admit to Just Who Owns Them Now? No, I know they would NEVER EVER admit to that…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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