…”{{{ jerk-jerk-jerk }}}”…

Just Chillin'

Yesterday was kind of a long day. Headed to “The Ham” for a Visitation & Funeral Service/Remembrance for an “Ole Friend”. There sure were a lot of folks there. To me that just spoke of how well this man was thought of. I saw many ole friends there. We took time to hug, shake hands, & catch up on lost time. I’m sure it was the same as happens to all of you in those types of comin’ togethers. It was a very nice remembrance of our “Ole Friend”.  When it was over I headed to Trussville, about 25 miles back up the road, to meet up with a different group of friends for lunch. There were ten folks there just enjoyin’ the company of one another in a laid back atmosphere, I made it eleven. As always we all started to head for the door to go our separate ways until next month. I eased my way along the back roads, that I prefer to travel, back to “The Big Pell” to relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. After supper last night I headed down to the water to walk the waters edge, YES AGAIN! And YES I selected a rod & reel to accompany me. But, this time I decided to tie on an “Alabama Rig”. Many of you will know what that is while others will be scratchin’ their heads over it wonderin’ “what the hell is that”?  I have several different types of’em & have never used’em. This one has 5 different jigs on it. Well, it takes a little time to learn how to THROW that thang. You don’t just cast it!. You THROW IT! After I got the retrieve rhythm down I hung several but lost’em. I did how ever catch 2 Spots. One was pretty nice but the other was just a “Dink”! But he still gave that erratic {{{ jerk-jerk-jerk }}} on the other end. So, I considered myself somewhat successful for the evening. So I headed back up to the house to settle in for the evenin’. Hope all of you ended your day on an up note… “Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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